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Covid 19 - We're in this Together. It's Our Promise to be Here for You in Crisis & Always.


We are Here for Your Health Needs. 

Serving Toronto & Etobicoke.

We Deliver

Let's Stay Healthy Together.

Masks are Required at Kassel's Pharmacy.


Med Checks


Travel Shots

Needle & Med Disposal

Diabetes Resource Center

help quitting smoking

Weight loss

New baby consultations



Due to Covid 19, our workshops have temporarily been suspended.

Stay tuned for upcoming programs.

Featured Items

Featured Items:

Kassel's Pharmacy has a full range of personal protective equipment (PPE) in stock for adults and children.

Kassel's Pharmacy has a full range of cleaning supplies, disinfectants, and hand sanitizers.

Kassel's Pharmacy stocks a range of locally made products including hair accessories, bath and body products, and more.


"The staff at Kassel's are exceptional. They help my mother with her medication and always go out of their way to stay in contact if anything changes. You don't get this kind of personalized service at big chain pharmacies. I highly recommend them. Thank you, Kassel's!"

- Linda

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